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This firm’s existing provider was unable to provide the level of support needed. The firm had lingering, unresolved issues that were holding their growth back. The firm put GadellNet on their shortlist of providers, citing our reputation. Moving to GadellNet presented a significantly higher investment for the firm.

GadellNet  met their need for a firm that could provide superior help desk supportand possessed  knowledge and experience with their specific business-essential applications.  The deciding factor  for this firm was the faster response times and peace of mind provided by  GadellNet.  In the end, this design firm chose the value they saw with GadellNet over the bottom line. 


GadellNet ran an audit that uncovered a few issues that needed to be addressed before onboarding this firm. We resolved the following issues: 

  • Consolidate and  decommissionone server s in production that the firm was unaware of 
  • Identified a few servers that required Microsoft Windows Server Activation 
  • Identified out of Warranty Hardware (Firewall, Workstations) 
  • Assisted to create a working process for ongoing updates to AutoCAD, and CAP software   


  • This firm’s spend on Microsoft has decreased by 20%. 
  • Customer satisfaction is at 99%, based on feedback surveys

Voice of the Customer

“Thank you for being a steadfast partner with us, for being incredibly proactive and responsive in your thoughts and actions and making it easy for us to move quickly in this time of uncertainty!”

– CEO, 25-person design firm

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