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This HVAC contractor employs twenty-six people across two offices in Missouri. They operate our of Fenton near St. Louis and a suburb of Kansas City called Lexena.

This firm moved to GadellNet over six years ago when they became dissatisfied with their IT provider. Their main concern was that their previous IT firm was placing expensive band-aids on communication problems with their Lenexa (Kansas City) branch. This, of course, created more problems for the organization, which works out of two locations in Missouri. This organization has interconnected servers for their accounting software, their VOIP telephone systems, and email. If one goes down, they both go down. They wanted to ensure GadellNet would not only become familiar with this system, but that they could also provide fast response times in case of an outage.

“GadellNet had been on my radar as they made local headlines as SLU students doing well, so I gave them a shot,” said the President of this organization. Once GadellNet had onboarded this client, the first thing we did was to remove the band-aids created by the previous IT provider and installed a working system that is in place to this day.

GadellNet provides this firm with remote and on-site support, technology strategy and planning, cybersecurity services, technology consulting, mobile device management, and more. GadellNet’s ability to proactively mitigate issues before they cause them any downtime or headache has been a real transformation for them. “GadellNet people wear many hats on our behalf,” said the President of this firm.

GadellNet provides this organization with a dedicated account manager who works on all updates and any problems that arise. When they needed to upgrade PCs and tablets for their sales team, the account manager’s recommendation of replacing both with laptops on docking stations instead was not only a cost-saving measure for the organization, but it also revolutionized their sales team’s experience.

“When looking to upgrade PCs and tablets for my salesmen, our account manager recommended replacing both with laptops on docking stations instead. It was a cost-savings and a game-changer for my salesmen. GadellNet handled the transaction and installations,” said the President.

When it came time to replace their legacy 3CX office telephone system, the account manager was able to once again create a great plan that would work for the unique needs of this client. He balanced their need for a cloud-based system with a budget-friendly alternative.

“I am happy with GadellNet and have no plans to change. They are not perfect, but they are miles ahead of our former IT firm….and we have our Account Manager and his support crew,” said the President of this organization.








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