Sentry: Managed Security Services



Guru Sentry is a proactive approach to IT security to create awareness among your organization’s employees and within its network.  With a combination of applications and processes, our team will install, maintain and monitor an early warning system for intrusions and data breaches. On a quarterly basis, security engineers will assess the external and internal security of your network. All employees in your organization will receive computer-based security awareness training, along with random, unannounced tests to assess their response to email phishing attempts.

Guru Sentry Objectives

Implementation of Guru Sentry Managed Cyber Security Service will achieve the following:

  • Strictly monitor the security of your environment
  • Improve your security posture efficiently and effectively
  • Achieve greater metrics visibility and simplify reporting
  • Quickly identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats
  • Maximize the return on your security technology investment
  • Increase regulatory compliance

Guru Sentry Overview

The Guru Sentry program is a balance of people, processes, and platform (technology).  This managed security service is based on documented information security best practices and proven technical safeguards. The end result is a battle-hardened information security program that delivers 24/7 security posture visibility and insists on continuous improvement.

Unlimited budgets and resources are not necessary to achieve the capabilities typically available only to large companies with expensive information security programs. With Guru Sentry, you can implement the right people, processes, and platform in a decidedly cost-effective service.

Guru Sentry is a combination of proactive security services established to mitigate the risk of cyber threats to organizations of any size. With the rapid changes in the cyber security landscape, you must take action to ensure your data and your organizations are protected.

With a comprehensive suite of security awareness tools, Guru Sentry also directly addresses the biggest area of concern for any organization—its users. This ensures and validates that all staff are regularly trained and educated on safe habits. Using revolutionary behavior-based network monitoring, Guru Sentry allows engineers to quickly and accurately identify early indicators of compromise. In addition, regular vulnerability assessments are conducted to identify and eliminate areas of concern in your network.

How It Works

In order to best protect your environment, the following components will be implemented:

Security Awareness Training & Monthly Phishing Simulations

  • Guru Sentry Engineers enroll all staff members into the training platform.
  • Discussion with primary stakeholders and account manager to determine expectations for training, phishing simulations, and Outlook plugins.
  • Users receive link for security training to complete per schedule.
  • Users receive recurring simulated phishing email to assess their readiness and recognition of threatening email. This process continues over time to ensure that awareness remains high.


Security Traffic Filtering

  • Add a new layer of predictive security for any device, anywhere.
  • Prevent malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks over any port.
  • Engineers monitor all alerts generated by network sensors and follow up on any concerning activity.


Vulnerability Assessments

  • Each quarter, security engineers manually run vulnerability assessment tools.
  • GadellNet Managed Services teams will take action on any identified risks covered under contract.
  • GadellNet Account Manager will establish quotes and initiate discovery for any new technology needs not covered under contract.


Enhanced Network Monitoring

  • Guru Sentry Engineers install a network sensors to collect and analyze network traffic.
  • Engineers tune and configure the platform to provide relevant alerting.
  • Engineers monitor all alerts generated and investigate all reported events.


Advanced Auditing and Reporting

  • A new reporting platform is installed in the network to record and report on server and resource activities.
  • Compliance reports and suspicious account behavior will be automatically prepared for the appropriate party.


Next-Generation Endpoint Security

  • Guru Sentry Engineers deploy an enterprise endpoint security solution on each workstation and server that enables leading detection and response capabilities
  • Guru Sentry Engineers tune and configure the platform to lock down applications and software in the most secure operating configuration.
  • Additional features ensure all evidence of intrusion is logged and retained for investigation and legal purposes.


What do our clients say?

“The enhanced network monitoring available through Guru Sentry will help our clients to safeguard not only against cyber threats, but also the liability associated with a major cyber security incident. We are having conversations with clients about Guru Sentry for exactly that reason.” – Law Firm of 25 attorneys, Indianapolis

“Wise Investment.” Office Manager of Consulting Firm, 25 employees, Indianapolis

“We are suggesting our clients supplement their cyber liability insurance with monitoring to protect their business and their data fully. Guru Sentry is the product we have found to give the most holistic approach to monitoring and security.” – Insurance Firm of 17 agents, Indianapolis

“Absolutely do it!” Vice President of Construction Firm, 40 employees, St. Louis

“Guru Sentry has been a great addition to educate our employees and significantly raise the awareness level as to the threats out there. Since our enrollment, we are having questions and concerns raised by the employees as they now have a critical eye on their inbox. While nothing is foolproof, at least we are being proactive and engaging everyone in this battle! The Guru Sentry team has been a great partner, thoughtful in the implementation and organized and thorough in the follow-up.” Vice President of Investment Firm, 75 employees, Indianapolis

“Guru Sentry is a great tool to help ensure your internet security is in place to protect your company. The biggest benefit being the training of our employees to the understanding of internet security, especially through email use. All of our employees now are much more vigilant on what they click on and question any email that raises a flag. Not only our office personnel, our field electricians with company email now understand the importance of paying attention to what’s going on.” Owner of Electric company, 80 employees, Indianapolis