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Hoosier tech firm?!?  In the land of the Indiana Hoosiers, there are a lot of firms that could be your technology firm.  Indianapolis is home to some amazing tech firms like, iGoDigital, Teradata and Cha-Cha… and what has been apparent to us at GadellNet for a while now is definitely catching on outside: the Midwest is a tech hub for start-ups and other entrepreneurial ventures.

A couple of years ago we set up a new shop, outside of St. Louis, in Indianapolis, and haven’t looked back.  Some of the great things that have made St. Louis such a tech hotbed are the same drivers contributing toward Indy’s success- a vibrant (and growing!) start-up community, universities that emphasize innovation and entrepreneurship and friendly business policies incentivize entrepreneurs to invest in Indianapolis.

As a result, Indy is a thriving community for technology, especially in the digital marketing sphere.  Firms like ExactTarget and digitalrelevance are products of Indy’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

So if you’re like other business who view the Midwest as a fly-over region, we encourage you to visit us in either St. Louis or Indianapolis.  There’s so much growth and excitement that the potential is truly tangible, which make us so proud to be a part of this growing tech community.


About GadellNet: GadellNet is a St. Louis and Indianapolis based small business IT consulting firm. We focus exclusively on providing applications, support and consulting to help make sure our clients IT systems “just work”.  Click here or call 317-644-8990 to learn more!


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