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Mobility is becoming increasingly necessary for efficiency in today’s business world. All around we see people working from their tablets or phones at a coffee shop, at home, or on a plane. But with all of these personal devices, what about your company’s sensitive data? Mobile Device Management is a software solution that provides unified management of mobile devices including Macs, PCs, tablets, smartphones and more so you can manage the entire network from a centralized dashboard.

10 reasons you need Mobile Device Management:

1. Keep Company Data Secure
This is the first concern when it comes to mobile device management. Security concerns are increasing constantly and you don’t want your sensitive information out there for anyone to see. You can set parameters around what can and cannot be accessed on a mobile device. If a device is lost or stolen, or if an employee leaves the company, you can remotely wipe the device of all company data.

2. Allow personal devices in your infrastructure
Isn’t this the point? No longer will you have to be wary about allowing personal devices on your network. This means BYOD policies become a more feasible and secure option. MDM allows for the security that makes this possible.

3. User Privacy
Mobile Device Management software doesn’t just keep company data safe, it keeps the personal apps and data of the employee private from their employer. Keeping the two separate means corporate will not have any visibility or control over personal apps and data. This is a huge benefit for the employee and will set their mind at ease.

4. Increase Productivity
Mobile devices make it easier for employees to work remotely. With added flexibility to their schedule, they will be able to become more productive. Mobility also has the power to decrease customer wait time, making your customer service more productive and enjoyable.

5. Simplify multi-platform Management
Making Mobile Device Management part of your organization means you will be able to manage more technology from one place. No longer will you have fragmented technology.

6. Deploy Apps
Make sure your employees all have the secure apps they need to be successful by deploying them on their mobile devices because this is what really drives mobility- apps and the data they access. Employees should be using the same app for file sync, note taking, communication, etc. The ability to push apps out makes deploying new mobile devices quick and easy.

7. Send Mass Updates
In the same way you are able to deploy apps, you can send messages to employees’ mobile devices. If you have an important announcement to make such as a snow day or your server being down, employees can all find out in the most reliable way- mobile devices.

8. Scalable Data Security
As the number of mobile devices in your company increases, you will be able to make sure there is security enough to go around for the volume, speed and variety of mobile you have. Smaller scale management is just as simple. You can set specific policies based on users, devices, groups, and specific use cases.

9. Expand company horizons
Adding mobile devices to you organization will expand business processes in your organization for increased productivity. Making sure you can broaden your IT support and security to encompass these devices allows your organization to reap the benefits of mobility. A good mobile manager will integrate with all operating systems used by your employees.

10.    Increase Visibility with Mobile Assets
Without Mobile Device Management, you won’t be able to have the same type of visibility on mobile devices that you do with desktops within your company. Bringing this level of visibility is huge for both protection and productivity.




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