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Low voltage systems are a vital component of any construction project. Working with a trusted partner can help ensure that your low voltage systems are designed and planned for correctly, saving you time when moving and improving your organization’s operations.

GadellNet is a leading provider of Low Voltage Consulting services. Our team of experts has decades of experience, and our services are designed to help our clients get their new facility ready for operations on day one, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

The GadellNet Low Voltage Consulting Process—From Design to Occupancy

GadellNet’s Low Voltage Consulting process starts with an analysis of an organization’s needs and requirements and reviewing drawings, construction materials, and availability of services and code requirements. With this base level established, the consultants guide the team through the development process and tailor low voltage plans using the latest tools and technologies that will be essential for your team’s success. Our team assists with preparing the specifications and bid process for all low voltage systems and works closely with the architects and general contractors to ensure the systems are integrated seamlessly into the building’s infrastructure.

What is Low Voltage Consulting?

Low voltage systems are the technology components, such as security cameras, CCTV, access control, audio-visual, telecommunications, VoIP, and other technologies. These systems are crucial for efficient operation and need to be integrated into the building’s infrastructure from the start.
Low Voltage Consulting is a vital component of any construction project, whether it is a new build or a renovation. Our consultants advise on design, timelines, and communication with the general contractor.

The GadellNet Low Voltage Consulting Process

  • Coordinate with the ownership and architect to consult and advise on design for functional space and LV needs
  • Review drawings, construction materials, and availability of services
  • Assist in the preparation of specifications and RFQs for low voltage services with the design team: LV cabling, dry utilities, access control, nurse call systems, security systems, Point-of-Sale, audio-visual, digital signage, wireless access, television, IT infrastructure, and telephone services
  • Review and advise management team in awarding of LV contractors
  • Assist in the coordination efforts of LV services throughout the Design/Build and Construction process

Benefits of Low Voltage Consultants

Working with a Low Voltage Consultant like GadellNet has many benefits. Our consultants have the experience to help save organizations time and money through ensuring the righty low voltage systems are designed and installed correctly from the start. This eliminates the need for costly reworking and ensures systems are functioning optimally from day one.

Low Voltage Case Studies

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