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As a Sales Leader or Head of Sales, you understand the importance of the numbers. You live and die by them, most likely. When it comes to understanding your products, pricing, customers, and of course your revenue, you have to be on top of the numbers day in and day out.

As big data becomes more readily available, the tools to turn that data into knowledge and meaningful insights are invaluable. Without the right tools, all of that data can get buried or misinterpreted. For your sales team, that’s not an option.

Business Intelligence allows sales teams to be the master of the numbers. From winning new customers to tracking a servicing existing customers, Business Intelligence makes sense of the numbers for you. A lot of the value of Business Intelligence for a sales team comes from the insights gained into customer behavior. You’ll have timely and accurate data at your fingertips to justify any and all actions your teams may take based on behavior trends.

Here are 5 major benefits for the Head of Sales when using Business Intelligence


Sales isn’t all about new sales, in fact, it’s about 14x more likely to see to an existing client than it is to sell get a new client. With Business Intelligence data, you’re able to better understand your customer’s buying habits.  What are they buying? What aren’t they buying? Tracking sales by customer will help to reveal trends and new opportunities to sell.

Make Data Driven Decisions

One of the biggest benefits for any organization that implements business intelligence is the ability to make data driven decisions across all departments. Sales is no different. You’re quarterly and yearly projects will be backed up by data, your benchmarks will let you know what you need to do to meet those goals with up-to-the-minute analytics.

Improve Visibility

Through Business Intelligence you can gain visibility into important processes for your sales team. Having more visibility will in turn give you more control over those processes and the ability to identify changes that need to be made before things get stale for your team.

Boost Productivity

Business Intelligence tools free up a ton of time for your team. The traditional data gathering methods which included compiling and analyzing spreadsheets are a thing of the past. The data you need can be pulled instantaneously to create flexible and individualized reports. Not only will your team be able to save time on creating reports, but they will be able to take action on reliable data without fear of human error.

Goal Achievement

Sales teams always have goals to hit and oftentimes, they’re aggressive goals. Business Intelligence tools help sales teams reach those goals by giving visibility into where they are with their goals currently and reveals trends that can be capitalized on for future success.

If your sales team isn’t yet using Business Intelligence, it’s time to put insights in their hands. Give your team what they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. Without Business Intelligence, your team is flying blind.

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