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Achieving success as an IT vendor is becoming more and more difficult as the field grows. Vendors are popping up everywhere offering any and every service a customer could need. More competition means it can be hard for the best of the IT vendors to set themselves apart from those who are sub-par. What sets the good apart from the bad? Putting the customer at the center of their business. When an IT vendor is doing that, you will see 10 common worries put to rest.

1. Location of your Data

Will your IT vendor know where your data is located? Yes. A good IT vendor will be able to tell you where your data is hosted and the reasons they chose to host data the way they did. There are several great and reliable avenues to choose from and when you find an above average IT vendor, they will tell you where and why. Hosting data through a vendor like Microsoft means they will have several physical locations in which their hosting is done. If you are worried about the physical location of your hosted data, your IT vendor can walk you through it.

2. Security of your Data

Keeping your data secure is a hot topic, and the reasons are simple- you need to protect your clients and you can’t leave that information to chance. IT vendors know this better than most. They take data security seriously and that is why you can trust them with such valuable information. Some IT vendors may even offer a security audit as one of their services. This can help you understand weaknesses you already have and open up lines of communication with your IT vendor about security.

3. Use of Subcontractors over Employees

IT vendors are challenged to find the top talent in their field. As this field grows, so does the demand for more qualified employees. This is one reason, besides it being good business, IT vendors employ the individuals who work on your projects. These talented employees are in high demand and they know it- they have their pick of IT vendors to work with. A good IT vendor will also understand that although using subcontractors can be good in some instances, keeping their employees happy will help keep their clients happy and you just can’t do that with subcontractors.

4. These Subcontractors or other are using your Data in ways they shouldn’t

This can go back to security but on a smaller scale. Your IT vendor and the employees should know how to handle your data- it’s their job. They will know what they can and cannot use. If you have your IT vendor sign an NDA, they will be legally bound to comply just like any other vendor your company uses.

5. Reusing Materials

Projects IT vendors work on can be similar from client to client. This does not mean your IT vendor will reuse sensitive materials with another company that could implicate a client. IT vendors are careful with the data they have and know the ramifications for a client if sensitive material or information is misused.

6. Data Recovery

Having a data recovery plan is something your IT vendor will likely tell you is important for your company. They will outline the time frames for recovery and the process as they explain this service. IT vendors know the importance of data recovery for their clients and themselves.

7. Insurance

Carrying adequate insurance for data liability is important and IT vendors know what the consequences can be if they are not insured. In a blog by GadellNet, they outline why it is so important for companies small and large. Cyber Risk insurance has been gaining popularity after cyber-attacks to the healthcare industry and large corporations like Target were made public. A good IT vendor will know this type of insurance is just as important as physical liability insurance when accessing networks and data belonging to clients.

8. Offering 24/7 Customer Service means Outsourced Customer Service

Customer service is important to IT vendors because gaining success depends on it. Part of this for IT vendors is 24/7 availability. Larger corporations, like AT&T, have turned to outsourcing their customer service abroad, but this is not the case with most IT vendors. At GadellNet, our 24/7 Service Desk Engineers live in 1 of three locations- St. Louis, MO, and Indianapolis, IN.

9. Compliance

Certain industries have to keep up with certain compliance requirements. The healthcare industry, for instance, has to keep up with HIPAA compliance. An IT vendor will not interfere with these compliance requirements but rather support your company by makes sure all compliance requirements are met.

10. Is the IT Vendor trying to oversell me

Your IT vendor might offer a huge selection of services and they might outline why you need a certain combination of services. But are they just trying to oversell? Probably not. A lot goes into your IT infrastructure and some needs will be more vital than others. Your IT vendor is there to guide you through the elimination process. A good IT vendor will work with you to keep your IT budget in check while offering you the combination of services you need to succeed.


GadellNet is an award-winning IT consulting firm that provides full-service technology solutions to small businesses. Since 2003, we have been delivering efficient, profitable and happier workforces. GadellNet’s best-in-class engineering team is highly successful at implementing and maintaining value-add hardware and software technology.

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