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Undergoing an office relocation or opening additional locations to accommodate a growing team is a big step and a massive investment.

GadellNet is here to evaluate a space for IT readiness. We aim to work with organizations early in their office relocation or expansion process to ensure IT readiness. We also look to uncover hidden costs associated with a space that cannot accommodate an organization’s technology needs.

Below are some of the pieces we look for during these engagements. 

Internet Service Provider    

Although internet service seems an obvious amenity, that is not always as straightforward as organizations anticipate. Getting the right internet service has been the biggest recurring hang-up for our clients. Whether it’s timelines for the implementation of services or the cost of moving from a shared space to a standalone space, there are a lot of factors related to onboarding a new internet service provider (ISP).   

Organizations have various options, from dedicated fiber, shared fiber, or coax in most spaces. If an office space has yet to have fiber internet connection, is in a rural area, or is located on a higher floor, a new occupant may be required to pay costs associated with routing fiber to the new space. It is also essential to know that business fiber costs significantly more than the home fiber internet bill you may be used to seeing.  

Multi-suite buildings often have shared fiber, bringing total costs down. In these situations, the fiber is often already run to each suite, but should be verified before signing a lease.    

IT Closet    

In a space that has formally been an office, it’s typical to find an IT closet. Below is what that space needs:   

  • Intact infrastructure cabling
  • Secure/locked location dedicated to IT needs
  • Temperature controlled location

Some red flags in an IT closet:    

  • Cut cabling (may be found hanging out of the ceiling)    
  • Cabling not labeled  
  • Size and location of IT space  

Looking ahead   

No space is perfect. As organizations evaluate a relocation, they will want to understand existing IT equipment and if new equipment is necessary for the new space. GadellNet has teams of experts and experienced consultants to guide organizations through relocation. Our consultants and project teams will assist in the due diligence assessment. As you select your space, our team can assist in an organization’s office relocation or expansion in these critical areas:   

Checking a new space for IT readiness is not always top of mind for organizations. But, unfortunately, overlooking this process this could end up costing more. To help avoid surprises, GadellNet offers due diligence engagements. These engagements help determine if a space will meet the organization’s IT requirements, timelines, and budget.   

GadellNet will walk with an organization as they evaluate and select prospective spaces and advise on crucial details to consider when determining the space’s IT readiness.

Contact your Account Manager or consultant for more information. If you’re looking for an IT partner to help your organization with a smooth relocation, contact us to learn more.

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