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GadellNet’s first line of defense is our Service Desk Engineers. When a client calls in, emails, or starts a chat about a technical issue, it’s our Service Desk Engineers who are there to work through the issue. No two days look exactly the same for a Service Desk Engineer at GadellNet. Our Engineers are able to learn new processes and issues constantly while building relationships with our clients.

Our Service Desk is a 24/7 IT support and it takes a lot of smart, talented, and personable tech professionals to man it around the clock. Needing a lot of people doesn’t mean we aren’t picky, however. The technical requirements are pretty extensive, and you can learn more about those here. We are also picky about the personality that will be on the other line with our customers. A successful Service Desk Engineer at GadellNet is detail-oriented, analytical, accurate, and a true problem-solver. We’ve found over the last 15 years, people who love solving problems are the most successful and the happiest with their position as a Service Desk Engineer.

GadellNet’s Service Desk Engineers work as a team. No one person will have all of the answers, as we support a vast number of technologies. Our Service Desk Engineers lean on one another to ensure our clients receive the support they need in a timely manner. Along the way, our Service Desk Engineers learn a lot and that opens them up to the opportunity to advance within our company. Several members of our staff started as Service Desk Engineers and worked their way up to other positions.

If you’re a tech professional who loves solving problems, learning new technologies, and check out our careers page and send your resume and a cover letter to

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