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Something that sets GadellNet apart as a Managed Service Provider is that we offer our clients strategic consulting services. Our strategic consulting services are built around customer needs. We find the technologies and processes that will increase a client’s productivity or output by 20% in 3-5 years; then we implement them.

What is Strategic Consulting

This isn’t just an add-on responsibility of someone else on the team; we have Strategic IT Consultants at GadellNet who are creative, talented, tech-savvy individuals and their sole responsibility is to find ways to create that 20% increase in productivity/output through technology. Our Strategic IT Consultants have to be ready to think outside of the box because they work with all kinds of businesses in several different industries. There is no one-size-fits-all technology they suggest for each client.

Who Are Strategic Consultants

The people we look to be Strategic IT Consultants want to challenge the status quo. They can’t be followers who believe there’s only one right way to do something. The reason for that – when working with small, individual businesses, each with their own set of goals, a unique bundle of tech tools is often needed. The same bundle of tools won’t get every small business or non-profit organization where they need to be in 3-5 years. These people aren’t just good at solving problems; they feel a deep need to do so and can’t rest until a solution has been found. We also want people who can envision a future for others and bring that future to life. Keeping the end goal in mind to drive present activities is crucial for this role.

Visionary people aren’t easy to come by, but it’s what our clients need in order to set themselves up for a successful future. That means a “keep the light in” IT strategy is not their end goal.

Who Works With Strategic Consultants

Our Strategic IT Consultants have to work with several different stakeholders. Our internal stakeholders include Business Development Managers, Project Engineers, and Account Managers. They also work closely with your internal stakeholders. They work with your CEO or Office Manager to get to know your business and understand the gaps and inefficiencies they need to correct with technology. Once they have a foundational knowledge of your business systems, goals, and current state, they work closely with your team to implement the 3-5 year technology strategy.

At GadellNet, our core values are important for each and every role. Our Strategic IT Consultants are held to that same high standard; they have to have the technical requirements and the personality to thrive in a 0% excuses, 100% responsibility environment.

If this sounds like a great fit for you or someone you know, check out the full job description, here, then email your resume and cover letter to

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