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Organizationally, IT leadership can fall into a wide range of areas.  Technology is found in every area of an organization – from email and file storage to security practices to using a key card to enter the building. If your team member has a computer/phone/badge/device, they use technology.  The technology leader in your organization is responsible for oversight of all these items, whether it be policies and procedures, security of systems and places, inventory management, or more.  If you are a small business or Non-Profit Organization where every team member wears multiple hats and serves several roles, this could quickly become overwhelming. 

Addressing IT Leadership Needs

Just keeping up with a constantly evolving technology landscape can be a full-time job.  However, having a dedicated technology leadership role – and the paycheck that goes along with that role – may not be in your budget.  That’s why many small and medium-sized organizations choose to engage outside help like a technology consultant.

There are many different names (and acronyms) for technology consultants.  Some of the most common include Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), Fractional CIO, Virtual IT Director, Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO), IT Management Consultant, and Remote IT Leadership.  Regardless of the title, the responsibility remains the same – keep the organization ahead of the game in all things IT related.

Advantages of Outsourced Technology Leadership

Outsourcing IT leadership has a number of advantages.

  • Ongoing strategic planning support
  • Agnostic expertise for your organization’s tech stack
  • Less expensive than hiring a full-time employee
  • IT infrastructure design and project management – virtual or physical
  • Cybersecurity management and monitoring/compliance guidance
  • Data management and governance oversight/planning
  • Unbiased advice on a wide array of topics like Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage, Office Relocationsusing Open Source AI,  or Managing EOL infrastructure.

Our Approach to IT Leadership

GadellNet’s strategic technology consulting team consists of multiple highly experienced professionals with various backgrounds in the technology space.  When utilizing our consulting services, your individual consulting partner will get to know your organization, your team, and your technology needs as if he/she/they are a full-time employee.  During an engagement, you can count on the following activities in addition to any customized consulting needs you and your consultant identify.

  • Deliver a 3-Year Strategic Plan – Your dedicated GadellNet strategic consultant will work with your team to create a strategic roadmap to identify technology needs both present and future. The roadmap provides a real-time overview, including investment estimates, and makes technology planning a part of your annual strategic planning process.  It is also a great tool for visualizing potential pitfalls and tradeoffs.
  • Review IT Maturity – Our strategic consultants will create a report outlining how your organization stacks up to the competition. They will use other companies of similar size and in the same or similar industry.
  • Annual IT Opportunity Assessment –Each major operational unit will undergo an annual assessment. Your strategic technology consultant will create reporting to answer the all-important question, “Are we using technology to drive innovation and gain efficiency?”
  • Annual Software Analysis – Each year, a high-level review of your investments in software applications/tech platforms will be done. Are these applications/platforms still effective? Are there technology overlaps that could save the organization time and money by combining them?
  • Security and Compliance Interface – The big one.  Your consultant will walk you through prevention and detection options like EDR and SIEM, as well as customize a compliance plan for your industry-specific needs like CMMC for required government contracts, GLBA for automotive dealerships, SEC for financial firms, and many others.

If you are interested in learning more about how GadellNet’s Consulting Team could help drive your business forward, contact us today or reach out to your Account Manager or Consultant.

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