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Construction jobsites are evolving. Technology is playing a bigger role in every aspect of construction projects from the way engineers and designers collaborate to the way we track onsite employees. Construction has not been untouched by the advances in technology- even the small mom and pop shops are finding ways to integrate technology into their projects.

This more technologically advanced jobsite didn’t happen overnight, of course. It took time and several steps to get to where we are today. A good foundation of technology had to be built before a firm could move onto the next great tool. A modern jobsite has three building blocks to seamless work with technology.


We’ve been hearing about the advances in a paperless jobsite for quite a while now. With the construction industry becoming more competitive, paperless jobsites have been growing in popularity. The benefits are far reaching. A paperless jobsite in itself allows for less waste, better transparency, and higher efficiency. Document and data management can be done in real time and cut costs with better control over projects. Paperless is hitting more than just the construction industry, most industries are switching to this better way of working. Going paperless is the first step to a truly modern jobsite.


Mobility is the next building block of a modern jobsite. This is a natural step from paperless as it requires, in most ways, for the jobsite to already be functioning as a paperless jobsite. But it is an excellent tool for every Mobility takes it one step further by connecting devices to the essential applications and software used to run a jobsite. Mobility means better connectivity between the jobsite and the offsite firm overseeing the job. Mobility also opened up possibilities for tracking employees in a new way. Timesheet can be done through geolocation- when an employee is on the jobsite, he or she is clocked in, when he is not, he or she is clocked out.


Frictionless jobsites haven’t caught on quite like mobile and paperless jobsites, but they are the next step. Frictionless jobsites refer to jobsites that have maximized their use of technology to remove all time-consuming and inconvenient processes from their projects. Frictionless jobsites allow for real-time collaboration, use smart geolocation, and take advantage of automation. A frictionless jobsite is all about being innovative. Implementing technology in all ways that create efficiency is truly frictionless and requires paperless and mobile jobsites to be established.

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