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Comprehensive IT Consulting Services for your growing business

At GadellNet, we know technology can be overwhelming at times. The rapidly changing environment coupled with a tight budget and looming cyber security threats are enough to have any small business owner drowning.

Our technology consulting services are a light in the technology haze. We strive to work directly with you improve the alignment between your technology and your business goals, objectives, and processes by understanding your business before we ever get started. Your goals, objectives, and processes are always center stage as we find the tech tools to improve your operation. We are here to help you meet cost reduction measures, expansion challenges, compliance regulations, and challenges or pains you are facing with your existing technology by providing IT consulting services.

We are here to keep you informed on the best practices and new technologies in your industry as you work to outdo your competition. Technology consulting includes everything from your hardware to applications. We also make your own business more visible to you through reporting.

It is important to see the whole picture. Consulting will allow you to balance your investments and project priorities.

Benefits of a vCTO

Decrease the costs

of IT expertise with an affordable way to leverage the critical knowledge of IT professionals without taking on the salary commitment these in-demand experts demand

Meet every IT challenge

with more productivity and an IT vision aligned to corporate goals

Create a living strategic roadmap

for success with technologies such as cloud, collaboration, virtualization, security, and streamlining of your business process

Comprehensive IT Audit

Knowing where you are coming from is important to understanding where you need to go. Our end goal is to improve your infrastructure while alleviating any existing pain points, and there is no better way for us to learn this information than to do a comprehensive IT audit. In order to have a complete understanding of your operation, GadellNet looks at your business plan, your existing server and network map, and your existing hardware and software through interviews, documentation review, comparison to industry standards, and a review of your strategy and growth plans.

IT Resilience Planning

An organization’s ability to successfully respond to and recover from disruptive events directly correlates to the effectiveness of their business continuity and IT disaster recovery training and awareness programs. An IT resilience plan created for you by your vCTO will help you successfully response to any incident you may come up against. We will help you establish a business continuity steering committee, policy statement, standard operating procedures, and the tools necessary to drive preparedness and continual improvement. This effort will clarify expectations, enable meaningful management involvement, and set a solid foundation for the development of a business continuity management system.

Project Management

All projects commissioned by our customers are managed by GadellNet’s IT Project Management Team, including an experienced Project Manager, dedicated Project Engineers, and others. Every customer is unique, and project management process offers a flexible and powerful framework for providing project management solutions to meet every client’s need. We continually review and refine our approach to project management to ensure the clients are offered an unrivaled professional service from an Office 365 migration to a new infrastructure.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence practice leverages Microsoft’s Power BI platform. Identified as an industry leader by Gartner for 10 consecutive years, Power BI provides an easy way for your team to connect to your data, build powerful reports and dashboards and share those across your organization. Better yet? Native iOS and Android apps allow your team to consume information and make better decisions with accurate information on the fly – literally!

HIPAA/PCI Compliance

Faced with increasingly complex cybersecurity requirements, organizations wrestle with the scope, cost and resources necessary to maintain information technology compliance standards. GadellNet’s audit and assessment solutions are led by a team of industry experts, helping organizations understand, measure, and validated a wide range of compliance initiatives.

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