Virtual Chief Technology Officer

GadellNet offers clients a Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO). This GadellNet employee is an expert technology consultant. Your business needs will be met while your technology budget is well in hand with guidance from our vCTO.

Our VCTO can consult with you on all of your technology needs including compliance. With HIPAA and PCI compliances changing often to keep up with the state of technology, it can be a lot to keep up with. Learn more about how we can assist you with compliance.

Meet the Team

Brad Hettenhausen   Adam Steht

  Drew McAllister

Why vCTO?

  • Need to improve the alignment of technology to business goals, objectives, and processes
  • Need to quickly scale IT infrastructure
  • Are required to implement cost reductive measures
  • Are faced with significant capital expenditures and legacy equipment problems
  • Are confronting significant expansion challenges
  • Need to adhere to challenging compliance regulations
  • Need to manage or merge multiple IT operating environments



  • Decrease the costs of IT expertise with an affordable way to leverage the critical knowledge of IT professionals without taking on the salary commitment these in-demand experts demand
  • Meet every IT challenge with more productivity and an IT vision aligned to corporate goals
  • Create a living strategic roadmap for success with technologies such as cloud, collaboration, virtualization, security, and streamlining of your business process