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New technologies are enabling construction companies to become bigger, faster, and more efficient, and companies that can harness new technology and adapt it to their needs have a clear advantage in the marketplace. For architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms, which are constantly challenged to be more resourceful on project sites, technological advancements that result in increased quality and efficiency translate to savings of time and money for the client – ultimately increasing profits for the firms as well.

For these companies, like most others, communications technology is particularly critical in day-to-day operations. AEC firms can face the challenges of establishing communications in a field office for each new project. Undeveloped jobsites, especially those in rural areas, can be particularly difficult. Initial setup for telephone landlines and broadband Internet lines can take as long as 90 days, crucial time in an industry that often is charged with completing projects on an expedited timeline. Companies that can mobilize jobsites rapidly can save owners money and accelerate project completion.

“Jobsite in a Box” also paves the way for use of another new technology that has quickly found multiple applications on construction sites – mobile technology. Your project managers and superintendents can routinely carry mobile devices loaded with the same software as your team can access at the home office. The quality checklist, punch list, and safety inspection application allows project personnel to manage issues on each project more efficiently by providing a digital platform to link images, drawings, and site plans.

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