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An IT strategy can get pretty comprehensive. In today’s complicated IT environments, that means, it can also get messy if you begin pulling in from too many places. What started out as a well-intentioned means to create efficiency can quickly turn into an unmanageable monster with different licenses, customer service numbers, portals, logins, platforms, and so on. Even at the end user level, it can get messy.

Unified IT is the answer. Does that mean you shouldn’t have more than one vendor? Of course not. You still need to have project management software and a CRM along with an IT help desk. When your IT is unified, that means all functions are housed under one roof and everything is well documented. Your Managed Service Provider can offer you this, if you give them the keys to all of your technology.

There are three main benefits to unified IT:


Disparate applications are one of the biggest obstacles for a small business. When your applications are working in silos, the result is business process inefficiencies. When your applications are talking to one another, things start to click. Data is accessible and much more powerful through the use of business intelligence. When you have an IT provider offering you a unified IT experience, they can help you to connect the applications, create user-friendly dashboards, and apply the data to your business goals.


Now that your applications are talking to one another, the possibility for automation arises. Spending less time on manual tasks such as reporting and moving between those disparate systems makes your more efficient. Automation allows you to focus on your clients and your business goals without wasted time or the possibility of human error. Automation has its drawbacks, if done wrong. It can become hard to manage and create inefficiencies. When your IT is unified and your provider has access and visibility into all of your technology, this is much less likely to happen.

Centralized Management

If you have an issue with an integration, want to automate another task, forget your password, or delete an important file, you’ll have one number to call. Partnering with an IT provider means this growth-driving part of your business is being tended to by a team of experienced professionals who have seen it all. They know to anticipate license renewals, they know when you’ll need new machines, they know if cloud file storage and back up is right for you. Your IT provider will get to know your organization, understand your business goals, and create a unique strategy that fits all of your needs.

Peace of mind, efficiency, and powerful data; those are the benefits of unified IT.

To learn more about how your technology strategy can spur growth in your organization, contact GadellNet.

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