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If you would like to make technology work for your business, rather than your business being forced to work with technology, you might need to look into development services. Development services have the power to improve efficiency and revenue while delivering solutions that keep your company competitive in the market. Outsourcing development services can alleviate a lot of strain on your team who may not have the time, resources, or skills to take on these types of projects. Here are 10 questions to ask before getting started.

1. What falls under development services?

Development services encompasses a lot of different amenities. Some of these services include application development, custom applications, business intelligence, mobile development, web development, web design, and pre-built integrations. GadellNet can do them all.

2. What is the difference between pre-built and custom applications?

Custom applications would be built by our team for you. This app would fit your needs and your company completely because you are able to communicate exactly what you need. A pre-built integration is an app that already exists and would be integrated into your business.

3. What are the benefits of business intelligence?

Everything in your company runs off data. The numbers cannot stand alone, however. Business intelligence helps makes sense of your data by combining the data with a purpose. Integrating applications provides more in-depth reporting across platforms and will ultimately make information more available and more intelligent.

4. Why does my business need business intelligence?

To put it simply, to make the most of your data. Looking at all of your KPIs together in real time will give you customer insights that can lead to increased revenue. If you are making business decisions based on incomplete or out of date data, you could be losing out.

5. I already have a mobile app, but I’m not happy with it. What should I do?

Everyone is on their mobile device, therefore your impact shouldn’t shrink when the screen does. If your mobile app needs help, you might need to look into mobile development. Aside from our ability to create custom applications, our team has the ability to conduct a UI and design review for breakthrough and incremental improvements, then code as needed.

6. What can you offer for eCommerce?

eCommerce is becoming more and more important as shoppers shift from the brick and mortar locations to online shopping and GadellNet is helping companies stay on trend. We can offer an experience for your customers that will make their lives easy for casual browsing or loyal shopping. We do this by understanding the needs of your customers and doing the eCommerce development around that. We can offer product catalogs, third part shopping cart integrations, and secure checkouts.

7. I want to interface with my customers differently. How should I go about making this change?

Web Development. Web development solutions can change the way you interface with your customers more effective. Whatever vision you have for the changes you want, they can be accomplished through web development.

8. How can I make a great first impression on the web?

Your website says a lot about your company and if your website is stale or outdated, it might be time to refresh your look and feel. We can help with web design. Our creative design staff are able to create functional and intuitive web designs and other customer-facing materials that are both dynamic and unique.

9. What is your web design process?

Our process is simple but thorough. We plan, design, develop then launch. During the planning process we interview the client, take a look at current state, and do feature planning. During the design stage we create the lay out then have the design reviewed by our client and go back and do revisions and necessary until it meets our client’s needs perfectly. During the development stage we code, test, and build out followed by copy and review including SEO, content, and expansion as necessary. After doing final beta testing we launch the site.

10. What sets your company apart for development services?

Our approach is unique. We find communication to be important and we provide project reports. We have the most effective development and design tools to get the job done. Our people are experienced and they are all great at something different meaning our pooled skill set is both deep and wide.

GadellNet is an award-winning IT consulting firm that provides full-service technology solutions to small businesses. Since 2003, we have been delivering efficient, profitable and happier workforces. GadellNet’s best-in-class engineering team is highly successful at implementing and maintaining value-add hardware and software technology.

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