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Whether you are a large General Contractor or a small/medium Specialty Contractor, there is a need to embrace new technologies in order to stay competitive, efficient and mobile.  We’ve assembled a quick list of the “must have” technologies for 2015.

  1. Project Management Software

The use of project management software is an integral part to utilizing technology in the construction industry. PM software can track job productivity, profitability, relationships with other organizations. Take advantage of a software solution and see efficiency and job-visibility drastically increase.

  1. Mobility/Remote Connectivity

Most time lost is due to the inability to properly connect employees from the job site to the company head-quarters. Take steps to maintain connectivity to the field. Mobile time capture, file sharing, and project management will greatly impact accuracy and efficiency.

  1. Document Management

Having a document management solution in place does wonders for keeping projects organized. Use this to manage submittals, RFIs, punch lists and more. Some document management solutions can be purposed for a print management program as well.

  1. Video Conferencing

Meet with job sites remotely, hold team collaboration sessions, and engage with sub-contractors and owners with ease through video conferencing.

  1. Mobile Device Management

Effectively and securely manage mobile devices from a central location; Remote wipe, quick updating, immediate deployment of apps, and security management all through a single software application.

  1. Acceptable Use Policies

These policies govern and protect your organization from your biggest liability: your employees.  This should address internet use, email, mobile, BYOD, etc. Acceptable use policies ensure your organization uses technology safely and responsibly.

  1. Device Encryption

Disk encryption is a technology which protects your team’s laptops and mobile devices by converting it into unreadable code that cannot be deciphered easily by unauthorized people. This technology is very important in an environment with many off-site team members.

  1. Reporting and Analytics

Your project management and accounting software are capable of providing incredible analytics and insights into the profitability, effort and efficiency of your business.  Are you taking advantage of the custom reporting functionality?

  1. Application Integration

Time tracking, billing, accounting, project management, take-off, document management, payroll: ensuring integration between your software is paramount to eliminating duplicate entry, managing your productivity, and minimizing wasted manual entry between disparate software platforms.

      10. End-user Support

Having a reliable support system in place for the end-users of a construction company can be a great differentiator in a competitive industry. Keeping hardware and software systems current and working seamlessly is important in an environment where downtime and inefficiency can be the difference in being on time, winning on bid day, and protecting your data.


GadellNet is an award-winning IT consulting firm that provides full-service technology solutions to small businesses. Since 2003, we have been delivering efficient, profitable and happier workforces. GadellNet’s best-in-class engineering team is highly successful at implementing and maintaining value-add hardware and software technology.

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