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In this day and age, there are now more applications available for your business than ever. At GadellNet, we want to make technology work for your business, rather than force your business to work with technology.

Application integration allows you to find a solution that lets you combine the disparate software your business uses in order to provide cost-savings, provide intelligence and enhance useability of your software investments.   Application integration allows many facets of a business—including CRM systems, finance applications, ERP, time tracking systems and billing—to become integrated and offer stress-free flow of communication between each software platform. However, these are not the only benefits of application integration. Let’s take a closer look at the additional benefits.

Improves efficiency and quality: By combining all the applications into one, the flow of communication in the workplace improves greatly. Employees are able to communicate easier because the business is running smoother and more efficiently, saving them time and improving productivity. For example, instead of having to key in information about a customer in your CRM (and subsequently adding them to billing and then the time tracking system), these steps are all available in one simple step.

Offers protection: Your sensitive data are now safe because it is compiled into a single, easily accessible source. All of the former security systems are now consolidated together. Business intelligence also improves greatly by getting data from all sources that understands your business.

Provides support: A single flow of communication allows employees and upper management to access information easier. These key decision makers will have the ability to make choices that enhances the business and improves the bottom line. In addition, application integration and its benefits will improve employee satisfaction, which is great for office dynamics.

Ready to integrate your applications? Contact GadellNet today and ask for Nick to get started!

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