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  • Zero Excuses: There is Time to Travel
    001: There is time to travel  | Raed Zidan  Raed Zidan is the first Palestinian man to summit Mount Everest and the first Palestinian man to reach all Seven Summits, which later earned him an impressive 8 Golden Globe Awards for the documentation of those feats. Among these achievements, he’s a father of three, has … Read more
  • Zero Excuses: There is time to listen
    000: Zero Excuses: There is time to listen With the time demands and commitments we have on our plates it’s easy to think, “I can’t do it all–there just isn’t enough time.” Zero Excuses sets out to prove that statement wrong. On this show, you’ll hear rapid conversations between host Nick Smarrelli and exceptional guests … Read more
  • 5 Benefits of Locally-Outsourced IT
    Your technology is a key part of your company and your strategy. Having the right applications in place with a team who can fix issues as they come up and help you with the strategic side of things as well, allows your team to do what they do best – not tech. Outsourcing IT can … Read more
  • IT Budget Planning: The Importance For Small Business
    For small-business owners, budgeting is an everyday activity. However, most of them will agree that IT budget planning is a completely different story. Small business IT budget planning is unique. Often, as a small business begins, technology planning is not top of mind. Getting your business off the ground is your priority, and IT can … Read more
  • Is Your “IT Person” Costing You Too Much?
    Small business owners almost always have budget on their mind. Finding ways to cut costs and overhead to increase profit margins is a big part of your job. Most small businesses spend less than 7% of their profits on tech annually. This is a very small percentage of profits for everything IT can do. Your … Read more
  • Midwest IT Firm Grows Jobs by 45%, Acquires Company
    JAN 13, 2020 – GadellNet Consulting Services, a top managed services provider in the Midwest, has announced the hiring of its one hundredth employee. This milestone is an achievement for GadellNet, who employed 4 people at the start of the decade.  “We found that if we focused all of our efforts on our people, building the right processes … Read more
  • GadellNet Top 10: Best of 2019
    2019 was a landmark year for GadellNet. We accomplished more than we have ever accomplished in a 12-month time span. We have our incredible team to thank right along with our clients, who make it all possible. Our values are make an impact, grow or die, and 100% responsibility, 0% excuses. As you’ll see throughout … Read more
  • Tech Tuesday: JustGiving
    JustGiving is the world’s largest social giving platform, calling themselves tech-for-good. Individuals or companies can set up a giving page very easily, which must be connected to a receiving charity. When you create this giving page you will tell people what you’re raising funds for (say a charity 5k or your local humane society), add a … Read more
  • Tech Tuesday: PowerApps
    Microsoft has created a way to quickly and easily build custom apps. This is a point and click approach to app design. Still, sound complicated? Trust us, you don’t have to have a background in coding to create powerful apps using Microsoft’s newest tool. Each business, no matter how large or how small is unique and … Read more
  • Tech Tuesday: Thanksgiving Special
    On this special edition of Tech Tuesday, we are talking turkey! We wanted to share with you a few tools at your disposal to ensure you have the very best Thanksgiving.  Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line  Yes, this is a real thing. Between the month’s on November and December, this help hotline fields more than 100,000 turkey-related … Read more
  • Tech Tuesday: Slack
    Slack is an instant messaging tool. They strive to be messaging that brings your team together. Slack was built for collaboration and teams that work on the go from anywhere. You can organize conversations, create channels for teams or projects or whatever else you need, easily search conversation history, and access slack from anywhere. Slack … Read more
  • Tech Tuesday: TalentLMS
    TalentLMS is a learning management system that provides a user-friendly training experience for your employees. You can load your own videos or documents into TalentLMS or utilize online material through their social integrations to create courses that can be assigned to your employees. This is great for onboarding new employees, training your existing team on software … Read more
  • Tech Tuesday: Drift
    This week, we are talking about Drift, one of the easiest ways to connect with people who land on your website directly. Drift is a chat platform. When someone arrives on your website, a chat box will pop up in the bottom right corner. What these visitors see is completely up to you. For us, … Read more
  • Tech Tuesday: Ryvit
    Ryvit is GadellNet’s sister company and a software integration platform created for construction companies. Construction companies utilize a great number of apps. Ryvit acts as a hub where all of the applications can talk without any coding required for a single monthly fee. Ryvit’s integrated platform as a service allows companies to tap into several … Read more
  • Eliminating​ Insider Risk to Your Data
    Data breaches are continually rising in frequency and intensity. Small businesses have been increasing their investments in cyber security steadily over the last five years. From antivirus to threat detection software, you can invest any sum of money into your cyber security measures and be the better for it, but that's not where the biggest … Read more