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Tech Strategy for Success

April 19, 2017

The business strategy in place for your small business is vital to your success. This is likely a plan you put a lot of though, resources, and heart into. It’s the road map to your future with the keys to how you plan on outdoing the competition, growing, and better serving your customers. Your business strategy encompasses your vision, includes strategic objectives, the play by play tactical plan, and took you a lot of research to finish. You’re proud of this strategy and where it will take [...]

5 Ways Tech can Save your Small Business Money

April 12, 2017

Any small business owner knows that technology can be expensive. Technology can also pay off, especially in the long run, by creating significant savings. Different technologies will save your business money in different ways. The latest and greatest offering instant savings and increased cash flow is not always the best way to go, however. Choosing the right technology for your company means evaluating your priorities to make sure the technology meets your operations and budgeting require [...]

GadellNet Sees Growth with Blue Key Technology Merger

April 10, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS, April 10, 2017 -- Today, GadellNet Technology Solutions, a top Managed Service Provider in the Midwest, and Blue Key Technology, a local technology provider, have announced that they have signed a merger agreement, under which Blue Key will merge into GadellNet. Both GadellNet and Blue Key had independently implemented similar technologies for their customers, but more importantly, both have aligned ideologies: a strong commitment to core values and customer service. This acquisiti [...]

Time for a VPN

Last week, Congress voted to overturn FCC privacy rules that limited how Internet service providers can profit from our data.  Once President Trump signs the resolution, ISPs will be able to: Sell our browsing history Share our searches with third parties Use malicious ads to monitor all online traffic Track all non-encrypted traffic Install spyware on smartphones that can even defeat HTTPS Quincy Larson at wrote an excellent article on how this happened, a [...]

What Small Businesses stand to gain from Business Intelligence

April 4, 2017

Business intelligence (BI) software is being leveraged in so many ways for so many companies. For example, when your Amazon account suggests items you may like to purchase, they come up with these items through predictive analytics. Business Intelligence makes sure the big decisions in your business are the right decisions. If you think your small business doesn’t need to use BI software, think again. Trends develop, and if they are not analyzed, you could be leaving important insights on the [...]

Why is Transformation our Mission?

March 27, 2017

Our mission since 2012 has been clear: “Unleash the Potential of Businesses and Schools”. Every decision, hire, strategic move, conversation or performance review is tied back to our values. Our employees are hired based on their ability to help us, themselves and our clients grow, take 100% responsibility, and to make an impact. These values add up to one thing - transformation. Transformation is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. If we pick that apart, yo [...]

Technology Integration and the 21st Century Learner

March 23, 2017

What does technology integration look like for the 21st Century learner? How can you begin to use technology to bring your classroom to life?  Are students participating as an observer, designer, presenter, or creator? Today in education, students are becoming more at the center of learning. May educators are moving away from a day that contains all lecture-based instruction and teacher-led activities. Students are being asked to actively participate in a different way than 20-30 years ago. [...]

Press Release: GadellNet Adds Education Tech Specialist

March 20, 2017

MARCH 20, 2017, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, GadellNet Technology Solutions is proud to announce a new role within our company to better serve our k-12 education clients. The newly created Education Technology Specialist will focus on process, documentation, transition, and training. These 4 imperatives will be improved through diagramming school processes and GadellNet’s role in those processes, structuring documentation to be consistent across all our schools, managing the transition process of any [...]

Protecting Student Data

March 16, 2017

Data-driven decision making has been a growing theme in education as much as business.  As concerns about student progress and proficiency increase, and measurements of all sorts work towards making student growth more transparent, the amount of data on each child that calls our schools part of her community proliferates. But in a culture where consumers increasingly hand out their personal data without a short second of reflection, why should we care about the trove of data currently compil [...]

Web Accessibility: New Imperatives, Same Mission

March 8, 2017

If your school receives public funding and is accessible by “the public” at large, your website may be the focus of an accessibility review by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Web accessibility is drawing lots of attention from K12 school leaders as OCR reviews have picked up in the last 18 months, but the recent round of visibility isn’t something “out of the blue”. We are seeing concern about the web because the Internet is a main conduit for learning, [...]