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7 Simple Tips to Improve Data Security

September 20, 2017

Everyone knows security is no joke, but just to put it into perspective, the average cost for a small business that suffers a cyber attack is $9,000, according to the National Small Business Technology Survey. If that sum would threaten your small business, use these 7 simple tips to protect yourself. Antivirus & Antispyware Make sure each of your organization’s computers has antivirus and antispyware. If you have even one weakness in your organization, you are putting all your [...]

More than Storage: Explore the Cloud

September 14, 2017

The cloud is for more than storage. Although it remains a mystical unknown land to many small business owners, it’s really quite simple. Cloud storage is data stored on the web in secure locations. On-site data storage is slowly but surely being fazed out as the more agile and reliable cloud storage takes center stage. So what else can the cloud do besides store your data? Check out these four major benefits: Share, collaborate, and edit With all your files on the cloud, collaborating [...]

The Best Tech Tools for your Small Business

September 13, 2017

Since 2009, small businesses created more new jobs than larger corporations (those with 500+ employees). Because of small business’s significant place in our economy, there are now tools designed just for small businesses. These tools range from accounting, marketing, and communications to project management and operations. Employing these platforms can increase a small business’s efficiency, employee engagement, and team collaboration. We highly recommend choosing tools to aid your small bu [...]

4 Security Vulnerabilities You Aren’t Even Worried About

September 7, 2017

For your cyber security defenses to be effective, you must be constantly updating and testing your network. Since 71% of cyber attacks target small business, it has never been more important. You must stay vigilant for your cyber security to stay effective and it can be exhausting. There are 4 common vulnerabilities you may not be regularly testing for or defending against. Your Employees Unfortunately, human error is still the biggest weakness in your network. People make mistakes. If one of [...]

5 Tasks Your vCTO Will Take Care Of

August 31, 2017

A vCTOs (Virtual Chief Technology Officer) is that C-Level tech executive you need without having to pay that executive salary. As a part-time member of your team, you have the power of their knowledge at your disposal. These 5 key vCTO tasks will transform the way you do tech. 3 Delivering 3-Year Strategic Plan Your vCTO is responsible for creating a guiding plan to facilitate technology. This will lay out your investments in and around the business for the next three years. When yo [...]

Where to Donate for Harvey Relief

August 30, 2017

Tropical storm Harvey and the destruction it's causing has been weighing heavy on the hearts and minds of many Americans. Luckily, there is something you can do. Donating food and clothing to places like the Houston Food Bank is always great, but what a lot of organizations need is money to make sure the right resources are making it to the right places. Contributing to the relief effort has been made pretty simple by technology and we have a list of awesome charities and organization you can d [...]

5 years on Inc. 5000

August 17, 2017

Joe Gadell, Tom Stemm and I are so pleased to announce for the fifth year in a row, GadellNet has earned the prestigious honor of Inc. 5000's Fastest Growing Companies. Last year when we learned that we earned this award for the fourth year in a row, I reminisced on my first month with GadellNet. We were at a client's office, and I was admiring their Inc. 5000 plaques. I looked to their leadership team with awe as they head steered their ship in the right direction. They were small at the ti [...]

It’s Time to Act on Security

August 14, 2017

Every day, our clients are asking us questions about cyber security. Many questions lately are focused around the same theme - Why the urgency? Why are the solutions that worked before not enough? We understand the confusion. But the answer is relatively simple - the technology landscape has changed dramatically in the last 3 years. The follow-up question (what has changed?) is equally simple - everything. Let's break this down. The technology - As our usage of technology has exploded, [...]

Tech Consulting Reduces these Three Things

August 11, 2017

Tech Consulting for small businesses with tight margins seems out of reach. However, an expert in the tech field helping you navigate what to implement and what to avoid can help you reduce downtime, costs, and operational expenses. Learn more about how tech consulting can reduce these three things: Downtime Through tech consulting, downtime can be dramatically reduced. When you have the right applications in place, with wide adoption from employees, they won’t have the common downtime is [...]

Security Notice: DocuSign

August 10, 2017

DocuSign was breached a few months ago and it is still a threat. We have witnessed a recent surge in phishing schemes using DocuSign. The emails look convincing and are made stronger by using personal information. These emails contain a link or attachment that, once clicked or opened, prompt you for your credentials and then continues spreading the malicious emails to your contact list. The emails are coming from someone in your contact list. If someone you know was breached, this scheme w [...]