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At GadellNet, our help desk is here to support our clients 24/7. With as many calls as we get, we have noticed a few questions that we get more often than others. Sometimes clients feel like they are calling with a silly question or a question that our help desk engineers might find trivial. Our goal is to make sure your technology is working for you so you can get on with the rest of your day. If you have one of these questions, don’t hesitate to call the help desk for some support because that’s what we’re here for. Not all of us are tech gurus.

1. The internet is slow

This problem can be a real productivity killer and frustrating too. This could be due to needing security updates to protect against viruses and malware. Some remote access from a service desk engineer may be in order to uninstall and reinstall as necessary.

2. I keep getting kicked off

Another common and frustrating problem when you’re trying to get work done. Sometimes you just need a reboot. Call in and have one of our experts walk you through it. Depending on the situation, they could ask you to restart or do a number of other things. If it’s your wireless kicking you off, it could be one set of solutions and if it’s your VPN kicking you off it could be a different set of solutions.

3. I can’t log in

Your password may have expired and need to be updated or maybe you’ve completely forgotten your password altogether. Sometimes passwords will expire and lock you out leaving you with your hands tied. Either way, a quick reset will have you on your way.

4. Some files were accidently deleted, can I get them back?

Your files are most likely backed up and this could mean a huge relief for you if you delete files accidently. If the files just made their way to the recycling bin, you may want to check there and see if you can grab them out yourself.

5. I can’t get the printer to work

We’ve all been there, and usually in a crunch. The service desk engineer can walk you through a few checks to make sure everything is in order from the printer’s status to the device connectivity.

6. My computer is running slow

This problem could be an easy fix, luckily. You might have too many start programs or too many windows open. If you don’t think these issues are the case an update of some sort might be necessary to keep everything running smooth. Have a service desk engineer run you through the easy fixes and if they don’t work, they will help you get your computer running better in no time.

7. A device I connected isn’t being recognized

Your service desk engineer may have to do some troubleshooting to figure out exactly what the problem is. Some simple solutions include trying a different USB port or trying your device on someone else’s laptop to see if it works there. This will be telling for your service desk engineer and will help them figure your problem out quickly.

8. My computer is frozen

Hard working people these days rarely power their computers completely off. This can lead to your computer freezing on you. This issue can sometimes be caused by a malfunction of parts. This is not always the case and your help desk will be able to help you determine if this is a quick fix or if it requires a more in-depth repair.

9. My work email won’t sync to my mobile device

Setting up your devices can be a headache. It can vary depending on the type of email system used and the type of mobile device you have. It will probably only take you a few steps. Your help desk engineer can walk you through it.

10. I clicked on an email attachment and now I think something is wrong

This could be a virus. Making sure you keep up on security updates when you are prompted to do so is the best way to keep your computer safe. If you see an email from an unknown source, don’t open attachments just delete the email. If you think you already have the virus, submit a ticket and the service desk will take care of you.

At GadellNet, we take as many preventative measures as possible including automated updates, but remember your help desk is here for you. We offer remote and on-site support, depending on the type of issue you are having. Our experienced consultants have seen all of the above problems and many more.


GadellNet is an award-winning IT consulting firm that provides full-service technology solutions to small businesses. Since 2003, we have been delivering efficient, profitable and happier workforces. GadellNet’s best-in-class engineering team is highly successful at implementing and maintaining value-add hardware and software technology.

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