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For years, IT professionals have been underestimated. In spite of being incredibly smart, some consider they lack the basic skills that average individuals possess. Management skills, abilities that seem to be critical for successfully managing a company, are often identified as the skills to have.

Our objective with this blog post is to disprove that notion and to give a little bit of credit to the modern IT professionals. After all, in order to be able to satisfy today’s business owners increasing demands and requirements, there are more skills than the traditional “break-fix skills” that they need to possess:

  • Project Management. Do you have any idea of all the projects that your company’s IT department is carrying out as you read this? A lot is probably a safe answer! For IT professionals, it’s logical to say that scheduling, prioritizing and goal-setting capabilities are very important skills to possess.
  • Security. Data breaches and cyber-attacks are on the rise and ensuring your company isn’t a victim of these risks is responsibility of the IT department. To prevent a data breach, IT engineers put the following areas of expertise into practice: data loss prevention, encryption, access management, vulnerability assessment and compliance, etc.
  • Virtualization. Today companies are looking to migrate to the cloud – if they haven’t already done so. Must-have skills for competent IT professionals include server maintenance, application development, storage allocation and security.
  • Network Administration. In order for data centers to be available 24/7 to all of its users, data networks need to be optimized and always running smoothly. This translates into needing strong network management as a vital tool in one’s skillset.
  • Business Analysis. Competent IT engineers are able to guarantee a company’s data is being efficiently processed and analyzed in real-time. In order for this to happen, engineers should ensure that their data centers have the hardware/software in place.

At GadellNet, we’ve learned that when it comes to IT, intelligence isn’t simply limited to technical skills. Outsourcing the management of your IT solutions will give your business all five of these skillsets and more. If your service provider is lacking in any of these five key areas, your company’s productivity and efficiency may suffer.  Should that happen, turn to the professionals at GadellNet – a full-servicel player in the IT services industry.


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