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We’ve all been there: waiting on hold for 20 minutes at a time, having to ask for a manager time and time again, getting confused by jargon. When you’re having a technical difficulty, getting up and running is a first priority, and having to deal with a slow and confusing IT support member is aggravating.

If you’re looking for new IT support, here are the things to look for to ensure a great experience every time you need help.

They speak on your level.

Talk to more than just an IT company’s management before signing with them. Being able to talk to you meaningfully about your technology without using confusing jargon is a sign they have a firm understanding of their craft. Avoid companies that talk down to you like a small child when explaining the technical side. They are likely to aggravate you further when you have an issue to call in.

Their workspace is organized.

Take a look at where your IT help desk conducts their business. Not everything needs to be pristine, but a sense of logical order should be apparent. Successful IT consultants have a natural inclination toward a concrete-sequential style of thinking to make them efficient at identifying root problems instead of fixing symptoms. Their thought process should be apparent in other aspects of their lives. Otherwise, they may be putting on a face.

They have a hunger for knowledge.

Creative and innovative solutions to both old and new IT challenges are being written every day. Your IT company should put an emphasis on continued education through a formal master’s program, trade publications and conferences alike. You don’t want obsolete patches on bigger, broken systems.

They have a sense of humor.

If you can laugh with your IT staff, you know they are personable and will be helpful in a crisis. They are also likely to celebrate wins more and avoid feeling bogged down by challenges, which can lead to a quicker turnaround.


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